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Not only for the Ladies

Beauty salons for men are popping up everywhere in large and developed cities, offering a pampering experience that is hard to forget.  There are difference levels of luxury and it usually comes down to the price people are willing to pay to and how much time they are willing to spend in order to enjoy a great experience

On average, a session at a premium salon is about 45 minutes. There are many options to choose from, and the treatments a customer will undergo are a combination of their preferences, and the salon’s recommendations based on skin and hair type.

A good salon will not try to sell expensive treatments, just to make money. The objective is customer satisfaction and bringing the client back again and again. To retain customers, many salons offer an annual membership, special package deals or a point system. Many of them function on a model designed to retain customers using a system of points, annual memberships and packages.

A good example can be found with wedding packages for men, that have grown over the years in India. Many premium salons are now offering packages that include anything treatment a groom can think off to get him ready for his wedding day.

In major cities, customers are looking for more than the basics, which is not only offered at premium salons as smaller local salons are also jumping on this trend. Typical treatments for grooms include hair & beard styling, blackhead removal, exotic facials; some customers even request makeup application to cover spots and botched complexions.

From an experiential market a few years ago, it is now safe to say that male grooming is becoming a real market, with a demand for more than what men were traditionally accustom to.

Welcome the new and improved Indian man.

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