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The COVID 19 effect on the Beauty Industry

From a market driven by solutions for the busy woman on the go, to beauty treatments as a way to pass time at home. How has COVID 19 changed the beauty market?

If there is something we all learned from COVID 19, it’s how important it is to stay healthy and well balanced. The pursue of health and wellness has become a global trend and practices such as mindfulness and consciousness are gaining even more popularity during these long months of staying at home.

Part of our wellbeing is taking care of ourselves and maintaining a beauty regimen that answers our new needs. If before COVID 19 consumer choices were shaped by busy schedules and on-the-go lifestyles, the reality of today has reshaped the playing field.

Customers having more time on their hands, have the luxury of experimenting in do-it-yourself treatments, evaluate products and make skilled choices.  At-home solutions offer the benefit of convenience, and lower our reliance on others.

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