Region Experts

Asia is a region of regions; each market has unique characteristics, structure of retail and online channels, and consumer behavior. At DNO we understand these nuances, and make sure to set you up for success in markets that will be most receptive to your brand.

Full Service Approach

From dealing with registration and regulation, to partnering with the right channels, all the way through to logistics, marketing & sales support, and everything in between, DNO guarantees distribution channels are exposed to the best brand experience.

Over 50K Points of Sale

DNO represented brands are sold through over 50k channels across Asia. With local offices in key markets, and partners throughout the region, we’re adding new channels every day.

The opportunities in Asia markets

Major markets

Hong Kong:  One of the most interesting markets for brands looking to enter Asia,  where no registration required with a mix that creates a unique environment for commercial trade: 7.5 million residents and a gateway to Mainland China.

India: With a population of 1.38 billion people, and a cosmetics industry valued at USD 6.5 billion, India is a literally the land of opportunities for beauty brands.

Israel: A relatively small market in terms of its population, but a country where consumers spend a nice share of their disposable income on products and treatments.

size & numbers


asian beauty Market size estimated


India beauty industry annual groth by 2025


Monthly transactions in India 2020

Local dynamics

Asia markets, even before COVID19, were known for their dynamic nature, with shopping habits adjusted quickly to the reality of global and local market. In such a fast-paced environment, it is important to be with your feet on the ground, because what was strong only six months ago, may no longer be relevant today.

With local teams, that live your business and the market and revise sales strategy as changes in the market occur, DNO provides international brands that extra advantage of being sensitive and reactive to trends, as they form.

Structured Unique
4-Step approach

We create business and distribution channels, for high-end masstige and affordable-luxury brands, in APAC and Israel.

We help our brands identify new growth opportunities, and bring them to market in these territories using a unique 4-step approach.

If you are looking to expand your business, and seek a doorway to Asia and Israel, we are the committed partner that will get you there.


Identifying the right markets

While the Asia market offers endless opportunities to brand seeking growth, each country and region has its individual characteristics. To maximize the success of our brands, we begin our journey with a full analysis of the market potential in our areas of operation.

Feedback received from our local native teams, helps us pinpoint the highest potential market for each client, taking into account factors such as demand and competition in the category, size of the market, local registration and regulation procedures, tax structure and more.


Introducing the brand to potential customers

In Asia, face-to-face meetings are an important trust-building gesture. To this end, DNO’s local offices maintain an ongoing relationship with retailers and the professional market, which includes personally presenting new brands, even before the official process begins.

By doing so, we create an interest in the brand which in turn drives demand and helps secure initial orders that will be filled once the regulation procedures are completed.


Registration & certification

Each country has different registration and regulation requirements.

As your partner in the local market, DNO’s team takes on this complex and time-consuming process, making sure the right documents are submitted in a professional and timely manner.


securing quality sales channels

In Asia, as like any market, success is measured not only by the ability to secure sales channels, but also in the volume of repeated orders. With DNO as your distribution partner, we have you covered.

From logistics, order execution, marketing & sales support, and everything in between, we guarantee distribution channels are exposed to the best brand experience. We operate in any available channel to create ongoing demand for your brand, maximize sales and grow repeated orders.

Management Team

Ofri Shaysh

Co-founder, Head of Business Development

Bringing 20 years of experience in strategic marketing planning and business development in APAC, including senior management and sales roles in both multi-national companies and start-ups.

We experience exciting times for Indie brands where new ways of D2C channels are created, and technology is a Data slingshot.
We are able to track our customers, respond quickly and improve ROI using optimization tools.

This is not the game of the big legacy brands anymore. It is all about being creative, accurate and thinking out of the box.
This is an amazing opportunity for indie brands to shine.

Dana Zilberstein

Co-founder, Head of Marketing

Bringing experience and expertise in e-commerce and brick & mortar retail.
In 15 years of professional experience, I was part of Groupon’s Israel founding team, and help strategic management and sales roles in a hand-full of e-commerce start-ups.

We are focusing on creating new D2C channels and increasing communication between brands and customers. We are able today to monitor our shoppers’ consumer behaviors and analyze effectivity in a very short time.

We constantly monitor and embed new technologies that enable us to understand our customers better.

Indie brands are made for Individuals who wants to get more for their money.
It is all about personalization of wellness and beauty, addressing every customer as an individual.

June Shor

VP Marketing, Israel

Over 8 years of experience in visual marketing and concept creation for Israel’s vibrant fashion and lifestyle industry.

The main focus and attention during the last year were obviously on e-commerce and marketing management.
Launching a new brand in any territory today requires strategic planning related to sales and marketing strategy during all stages.

We are facing a fantastic time for indie brands, where it is all about being unique, different, and memorable.
With the tremendous Indie brands from around the world I get to work with daily, I combine creativity with super-analytical online tools, and the sky is the limit.

Dana Walter

VP Sales, Israel

Paresh Surana

India Regional Manager

With Over 23 years of experience in Manufacturing and Marketing experience in both the Pharmaceuticals & FMCG & Beauty industries.

Having Extensively traveled across India & the world. He is a brand strategist with good knowledge in both practical and theoretical domains and implements effective measures and ideas for a smooth process.

A hands-on, proactive individual who can rapidly identify problems, and formulate tactical solutions with an in-depth knowledge of the expectation of the Indian customers as well as the constantly changing market dynamics.

With years of experience & Excellent Management Skills, Ability to make up efficient solutions while maintaining a balance in the needs of all the stakeholders involved.

Shchar Badihi


Guy Micheali

Sales Operation Manager, APAC

Maor Naim

Digital Director

Chen Levavi

PR & Brand Innovaiton

Alina Domsiks

Logistics & Support


The Asian lifestyle celebrates wellbeing, personal care, and beauty.

Within this large segment we see that premium supplements, superfoods, and cosmetics, have been showing consistent growth, with a lean towards brands which provide holistic solutions that follow the concept of “beauty from within”.

DNO specializes in these categories covering Beauty & Cosmetics, Gourmet Food & supplements, Boutique Products.







Local logistics

From transport to destination ports, custom clearing, product storage, inventory management and more, we make sure flawless execution of business.

  • Sea, air and ground transportation
  • Custom clearing
  • Storage under optimal conditions

Registration & regulation

Registration and regulation requirements are country specific. Our regulatory experts make sure to make this process effectively and in the shortest possible time.

  • Regulatory compliance
  • Labeling & marking
  • Laboratory tests
  • Legal support

Extensive points-of-sale network



International brands