DNO focused primarily on four major markets:

Hong Kong

The Ideal Asian Trial Market

Hong Kong is a thriving metropolis and retail paradise for the local consumers.

Its free trade zone status makes it a gateway to Asian markets, simplifying the introduction of beauty and wellness brands to mainland China and neighboring countries. This eases cross-border operations, bypassing local bureaucratic red tape, establishing Hong Kong as a prime location to penetrate the Asian market.

With no import duties or registration requirement on beauty and lifestyle products, Hong Kong offers an important launch pad for marketing wellness and skincare brands to mainland Chinese and cross border markets.


India’s beauty and wellness industry is expanding as a result of growing consumer awareness, an emphasis on personal grooming, and rising spending power.

Consistent market expansion is being fueled by consumer preferences for organic, herbal, natural products growing the interest towards overseas clean and vegan cosmetics brands, which are well known for their ethical ideals making them appealing to the local audience.

This trend is a reflection of a move toward conscious, contemporary beauty choices that combine global influences with ancient Indian customs seeking to strike a balance between traditional beauty and global standards.


In Israel well-being has become a lifestyle, where beauty routines and self-care hold significant importance in everybody’s day-to- day lives. The nation’s prolonged exposure to sunshine throughout the year, necessitates skincare attention, leading to an increasing use of recommended products shared by bloggers, influencers, along with KOLs, and celebrities.

Collaborating with the right social media influencers holds a high significance when it comes to brand awareness, giving the ability to reach out to relevant target audiences.

Offline operations include selected retailers, boutiques, concept stores and professional channels.


A blend of tradition and innovation.

Being a prominent hub for beauty and personal care items, Japan stands out among the top global markets.

This premium market holds the highest per capita spending on cosmetics and skincare globally, Japan’s cultural emphasis on beauty and wellness amplifies the market’s appeal, from the young to the middle aged all the way to the aging population that fuels the rising demand for denture products, creating a distinctive niche across various consumer segments.

The Japanese wellness and cosmetic market boasts consistent growth signifying its potential for newcomers, especially when it comes to natural, green, vegan, organic brands since it aligns with evolving consumer preferences.